Green Sustainability:

Origin Green

HayesFarmWetlandsOrigin Green is the only national sustainability programme in the world that unites the government and food producers through Bord Bia to set and achieve sustainability targets to help reduce our environmental impact and to help protect our countries rich and natural resources.

We here at Hayes’ Farm are continuously trying to reduce our environmental impact both on the farm and in the production plant.

On our farm we have a constructed wetlands. This is to manage the wash water that comes from the plant. The wetlands is a set of five ponds located beside the plant. Each pond filters the waste water until it gets to the final pond where it is finally fresh water and is let back into a nearby stream.

HayesFarmWetlandsThe wetlands also attracts a lot of duck, geese and water hens throughout the year.

We also have it in our three year plan to install a Biogas generator to help produce our own energy from the methane produced from the waste on the farm.